Agoge is one of Mid Ulsters top Strength and Conditioning facilities, boasting a range of high quality functional equipment, state of the art testing capabilities and most importantly – Quality coaching staff. This is the place to be for anyone who wants to improve their performance, burn fat or get fit.

Our aim is to bridge the gap between research and application in a way that sets our clients up for long term sustainable progress. Building an understanding of the processes and cutting through the fluff.


Here at Agoge we believe in the highest level of coaching to improve performance, whether that is the ability to perform day to day tasks or the ability to perform at the highest level of sport- The systems and processes should look the same even if the program is very different.

Our Aim is to lay down the foundations for long term health and fitness, ensuring that you can progress, and remain injury free for a long time. No 6 week plans, we want you to be able to train safely and effectively for years to come. Whether that is with us or not.